People Visit Vilamoura for One or All of the Following: the Beach, Golf, Casino and Night Life.

So, where is the best location to stay in Vilamoura?

Within a 5 minute drive from the beach seems good enough…

So you get in your car, and drive down to the beach. First you need to find a place to park. Good luck. After you go to the beach now you have to get in your burning hot car, wearing a wet swimsuit and full of sand and drive back home. Not at all very comfortable.

Another option may be right ON the beach. Great, no parking problems. No sleeping either with noise all day and most of the night.

Other places make a big deal of being right on a golf course. If you will only golf then this would be fine. But, most folks that come to Vilamoura want to go to the beach at some point, go out to dinner, and to a decent pub for an after dinner drink. Most places on a golf course are much too far to walk. Sure it sounds fun a 5-minute walk to the beach. Do it a couple of times and you realize it is more than 5 minutes and it gets longer each time. Second, the weather is hot, and you are wet… Trust me it is not a pleasure.

Driving after dinner and a few drinks at the nightclub would not be a very good idea, since every Portuguese driver thinks he is a racecar driver. Walking those 5 minutes in the dark while those racecar drivers wiz by also not a good idea.

So really, where is the best location?

Measure everything in terms of distance from the Vilamoura marina. It is the most centrally located spot in the area. Any place that poses a difficult walk to the marina will be equally difficult to the beach, the casino, and all the other nightlife.

From the marina a short walk can easily reach all the golf courses, or by public transportation, or by driving about four minutes.

The Quarteira side of Vilamoura is the most central location. Here one can easily reach all the Vilamoura hot spots, the Quarteira promenade, all the seaside fun, and the best native food.

As for the rental apartment, there are a few things to consider:

+ Air conditioning in ALL THE ROOMS. Some places have AC but not in all of the rooms.

+ A PRIVATE SECURE parking garage. Parking is hard to find in the Algarve.

+ The size of the rooms. Most rooms in the Algarve are VERY small. So you arrive with two bags of clothing and your bedroom is so small you spend your entire stay tripping over your stuff.

+ A local person to do a meet and great as well as being there to help you when you need something and to advise you as to where the best night life, restaurants, etc are.

+ A tastefully decorated and FULLY appointed apartment. Many places look good in pictures but when you get there they have been striped leaving only the basic bear minimum things in place.

All of the communal and sleeping rooms in our apartment rental are SPACIOUS. You will not spend your entire stay tripping over your stuff. Our local rental agent will meet and greet you, and help when you need, and advise you as to where to find the best nightlife, restaurants, etc.

Our apartment is fantastic. Beautifully decorated. What you see in the pictures is what you get.

The apartment you select should add to the pleasure of your holiday. It should be comfortable, cheery, and fun. It should be a home away from home, and our place is just that!    Click here to see aerial maps of our place.

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